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About Allfab Engineering

Founded in 1973 with its roots in industrial sheet metal and precision welded light structurals, Allfab Engineering has grown stronger in its capabilities, equipment, and size throughout the years.

About Us

Producing Assemblies in precision sheet metal and precision welded structurals from steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, and exotics, Allfab gains an edge through its diverse capability to produce a variety of products from select materials.

Specialty products for the government, such as T321 stainless steel jet engine testing assemblies, to a square tubing 48 foot “self-erecting” Christmas tree framework for Nieman-Marcus San Francisco are two extremes on the spectrum of capability at Allfab Engineering Co., Inc.

Building on Allfab’s strong reputation as a prime source of precision welded structures and components, the move was made toward large volume production runs. Today, with Laser, Punch Press, Press Brake, Shearing, and Welding departments, Allfab is capable of producing large volumes of very accurate sheet metal components, as well as “one-off” prototypes and short-runs.

State-of-the-art software for programming, dimensionally verifying, downloading and storing hundreds of programs for the CNC equipment make it possible to assure consistent accuracy of your orders time after time. Accuracy is assured prior to production by verifying print quality, throughout the process detailed production records are maintained to assure adherence to required tolerances. All parts must comply with the specific tolerances prior to being released to the shipping department.

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